Jack Robinson R I P Little Jedi.

Sometimes it takes devastating events like this to truly put things in perspective and make us realize just how powerful the things we love in geek culture are, and how much they truly mean to people. 4-year-old Jack Robinson was a British Star Wars fan who tragically passed away last week due to an inoperable brain tumor. His family then laid Jack to rest with an incredible Star Wars-themed funeral, complete with R2-D2 and men in Stormtrooper armor escorting Jack’s casket in a gorgeous carriage with a large Jedi wreath, all set to a brass band playing John Williams haunting Binary Sunset theme from the original Star Wars. Here are some photos from the ceremony:

"I was a woman with a plan. I knew the only thing, that could really stopped me, in my opinion, was to fall in love.

I went in, at lunch, to put my books in the locker and I got to the doorway and … I saw John Cassavetes, and I thought : oh, oh damn! No, no, no. No!

That’s just exactly what I don’t want.”

Gena Rowlands on her first meeting with John Cassavetes 

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